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If you are a professional, you will need a Professional Headshot!

Mobile Phones have come a long way in picture quality in recent years.  But a mobile phone is in no way a replacement for an entire Photography Studio and Professional Photographer!

1) Lighting

Professional Lighting is important for getting a quality headshot.  Without the correct lighting to eliminate unwanted shadows, your headshots will look cheap and amaturist.  Correct lighting takes the skill of a professional and special lighting equipment.

2) Camera

Not any camera but a professional grade camera.  The skill of the photgrapher using the camera is also important.  How to get that great pose and the right expression takes a professional photographer.  To know the correct resolution is also a huge factor that needs to be considered and understood.  When you get your headshots from Studio Graphix you can use them for your website all the way up to freeway billboards.  You can rest assured that the quality will never get blurry.  The quality will always be sharp.

Basic Headshot session includes:
35 – 50 shots

3) The Green Screen

Your headshots will be taken in front of a Green Screen.  This means you can use any background you choose and change as often as you like.

4) Our Monitor

Our monitor system guarantees that you will get that perfect headshot you’ve always wanted.  You’ll view yourself in our large monitor.  When you get the perfect expression you want, the camera starts clicking.  You will have as many headshots to choose from.  Afterwards, your proof viewing will also be on a different large monitor.

5) Editing

No matter how great a headshot is there will always be at least one hair out of place.  We edit and touch up your headshots in a professional way while you watch using professional software.  Skin discolorations, marks and other undesirable areas will be corrected but at the same time not leaving the headshop looking cheap and artificial.

Basic Session – $65.00

Headshots with Printing Order prices:

Spend $100.00 – $250.00

Headshot price $45.00


Spend $251.00 – $500.00

Headshot price $25.00


Spend over $500.00

Headshot FREE!

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